Vienna Freeride 2 – Cold Night

Russian cold air is streaming over Austria, temperatures in Vienna a below -10°C. but in the mountains -20°C and below and storm are expected.

Will it be possible to film a night tour under these conditions? This time Gregor joint me for a freezing night out in the ‘Wiener Hausberge’

What I didn’t know is, that the hut on the Stuhleck is closed and skiing is strictly prohibited during night on the slopes – what should we do? Return? Never!

Video was made with a Sony EX1-R, a Manfrotto 745MF3 tripod and Manfrotto 701 head, the equipment worked better then the video maker under those conditions. Light was a Comer 1800.

We returned safe after 5 hours in the cold down to -25°, who says that -12° in Vienna are cold – I don’t need my gloves anymore!

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